How an Arrowhead Found Me

Ever since I was just little one I had a keen eye and a knack for finding things that intrigued me ever expanding mind. When I learned of people coming across ancient artifacts it blew me away to say the least and the idea of finding one someday became almost an obsession.

It wasn't until I was around 21 before I found the first one. This very small jasper artifact (above) called to me in the strangest way. As I walked under this large bluff along the beach something about the energy in the area gave me this intuitive feeling that this is rich in native history. I kept saying to myself, "There is definitely an arrowhead here, I just know it." Then as we were leaving, I look down and sitting there on the first step perfectly placed in the center of the gravel fill is the tiniest arrowhead I've yet to see. I rejoiced in the moment! How many people had walked passed it for how many years and was never seen until now.. it's a phenomenon.

What I do know is we are connected in more ways than maybe we give credit to all of the time and this next story reminds me to stay open to whatever possibilities life presents. It goes little something like this..

A new friend, whom I never gone digging with let alone actually ever met in person before this day joined me on trip to my favorite fossil digging spot. It was blazing hot out, and the breeze of cool slow waters was inviting. I remember wanting to jump out of my waders and go for a swim but the thought of unearthing something new and special had captivated my focus. We start digging and almost immediately my buddy hits a pocket of fossils. His eyes light up when he see that first clam glowing on the tip of his shovel and from there on out it was on. They were so many of them they were nearly pouring off of his shovel. At first I wasn't having much luck and then, boom, a Nautilus emerges. I am absolutely elated with joy so I take moment to give gratitude for this new discovery. While I take this moment of thankfulness, my new friend is back in the hole more excited than ever to unearth a Nautilus for himself. He's digging like his life depends on it and as he's pouring his last shovelful of dirt into the sifter I look to him and say, "Ya know, the only thing that would make this day even more perfect as if we found an arrowhead".. and I swear on all that I love and know, he pauses.. and with the most shocked look on his face reaches down, picks up something off the pile of dirt, and in his hand is this magnificent Chert arrowhead. At first glance I can hardly believe my eyes but without even thinking I jump up and hug him as he was my brother. Inspired by this divinely synchronistic discovery we both get back into the hole and begin digging out hearts out. I ended up finding three more Nautilus making that it an end total of 4 Nautilus! On top of the we found 100 some odd clams, handfuls of kelp, and his one perfectly preserved ancient artifact. What a day it was!



If this whole experience couldn't get any more meaningful is that he saw how excited I was about the arrowhead and I could tell he really wanted to find a Nautilus, so we decided on a trade. For his kind offer I gave him two of my best finds for his and to this day I get the honor of carrying on with me a magical object from that unforgettable day.
There truly is this powerful communication of sorts with the objects, created by ancient man blood relation or not. We are all connected through the molecular consciousness that has been experiencing, learning, and expanding since life began. I am grateful daily to be a child of this universe, to play in it's elements and share such beautiful experiences with just as beautiful souls. Thank you...

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