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Custom Orders

Whats your vision? What has you inspired? Contact me via email and lets bring it to life. Anything is possible!
Amongst all of my creations, custom work is by far the most gratifying. It allows others to tap into their creative minds and collaborate with me to bring forth even more beauty in the process of making.
Below is just a handful of custom designs I've made over the last few years..


Orion's Belt

                  Orion's Belt  

Materials: Highlighter Opal (top), 25 million year old Agatized Clam (middle), and Chiapas Amber (bottom) set in Phthalo Wood (naturally treated to be green by the elf cup mushroom, Chlorociboria Aeruginascens) with custom pyrography

Douglas Fir & Black Walnut Burl Ring Set


Materials: Black Onyx set in Douglas Fir Wood Knot and Crushed Turquoise inlayed into Black Walnut Burl with custom pyrography

Two Piece Pendant Set


Materials: Washington Jade set in Western Yew

Douglas Fir Ring Set


Materials: Ellensburg Blue Agate set in Douglas Fir Wood Knot with custom pyrography

Lunar Reflections


Ingredients: Washington Pyrite and Pink Moonstone set in Petrified Walrus Jawbone

Sun Blossoms Moon's Rising


Materials: 10 Rainbow Moonstones and Highlighter Opal set in a Live Edge Black Walnut Slab with Custom Designed Wood burned mandala. Hangable Wall Plaque