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The Story

Hey, Jordon here

As far back as I can remember I've had this powerful magnetism towards gems, stones, and whatever little oddities there were to learn about. Growing up much of my childhood was spent snowboarding and exploring the mountains but around age of 19 a friend showed me a place to dig for crystals and needless to say I was hooked for life.

The next 8 years was what felt like a mission of almost obsessive gem and mineral collecting which ended me up with more stuff than I knew what to do with. I began to ponder.. What was the reason why I had decided to acquire all of these beautiful ingredients from the Earth? This question lead me to becoming a vendor at gem shows and little markets to share my collection and love for stones with others. This part of the journey only lasted for so long as I continued to search within myself as to why it is I'm so drawn to this medium.

It came to me that I needed to create more meaningfulness to the passing on of a stone or in any case, a collectors piece. This realization is what guided me to the desire of making this craft, not something that just sits on the shelf and collects dust, but an heirloom that could be displayed and carried with you always. Each one is a symbol of the strength in memories passed down through the thousands, even millions of years it took for them to come together as lifelong stories to be passed down through the ages

It took about 3 years after this realization to finally put what I needed into place, all the while traveling around in my '87 Toyota Van for two of those years and the other floating around attempting to find a the right space to create. When that space came to me on June 1st, 2018 my life flipped upside down in the best way possible. For the first time I had somewhere to truly test the limits of my creativity and thats exactly what I did. The following year was spent day in day out at the studio indulging myself with every facet that it took to make this dream become a reality. I'll be honest there were moments when I was over parts of it (social media, even creating) and at times didn't know how I was going to manage on my own but it always seemed to figure itself out thanks to some great guidance from mentors along the way. There were some blurry moments but never lost sight of the vision no matter what this venture asked of me. At the core of why I even began in the first place is just a simple phrase.. Because I love it.

The beautiful conundrum is this art form is more of a gift to me than I could ever be to it because the level of patience and understanding I've found through it is of the most empowering gifts a person can ask for. Even more so it granted me the ability to express myself in a way that could actually create a lifelong positively rippling effect on someone while also opening myself up to some of the most incredible connections I've ever had the pleasure of making.

Here I am now and I have arrived to a place where I know what my purpose on this planet is. This purpose is to promote greatness in the world and everything that inhabits it through the blessings I have been so graciously gifted. Maybe it sounds silly but I feel this is the purpose for all of us as consciously connected beings to do our parts, come together, and build up this world better than we found it. I hope that in my words and through this work you may unleash the immense inspiration within yourself and find what makes you tick. We need more of your magic in this world. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and joining me on this venture.